Themes for Decorating for a Spring Employee Appreciation Luncheon

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Employees contribute a significant amount of their time and energy to the companies they work for. As such, employee appreciation events are a good way to recognize the efforts of your employees, as well as help maintain staff morale. Planning an employee appreciation luncheon will ensure that you bring your entire office together during work hours, as you recognize your employees' hard work. To make your employee appreciation luncheon unique, consider decorating the party space with a spring theme.

Spring Holiday Decorations

With so many holidays celebrated in spring, a holiday-themed party will be both fun and unique. If your party is in March, a St. Patrick's-themed party can incorporate the color green into the decorations, as well as food. Hang shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold around the party space. Serve green Jell-O, drinks or desserts to add to the theme. For an April Fools-themed party, consider hanging Whoopee cushions, rubber chickens and crazy glasses around the office. To add to the fun, place hand buzzers on the doors. Earth Day also occurs in April and will yield a number of luncheon ideas, including vegan-themed food. Placing nature-themed decorations around the office, as well as interesting facts about earth conservation will truly make this idea stand out.

Picnic-Themed Luncheon

Springtime is perfect for picnics. If you cannot have your luncheon outdoors, bring the picnic to your employees with a picnic-themed luncheon. Decorate your party space with picnic blankets and baskets. You can place sandwiches, fresh fruits and juices in each basket. Hang Frisbees on the walls and place flowers and greenery around the room to create the feeling of being outdoors. Be sure to create your picnic theme in an area with lit with natural lights to enhance your decorations.

Butterfly Party

Butterflies are associated with spring, as they emerge from the cold winter. Decorating your party space walls with butterflies, bees and flowers will enhance your spring-theme. Use butterfly-decorated plates, glasses and napkins, as well. For added fun, place fun springtime related facts on your employee's chairs.