The History of Hurley Clothing

Surf wear trends have come and gone since the 1960s, when the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean glamorized riding the waves and brought it to the forefront of teen and young adult culture. The combination of music, art, and beachwear has created a style and subculture that is easily identifiable.


Bob Hurley, the founder of Hurley Surfboards, started his company in Costa Mesa in 1979. World class surfers enjoyed boards created by Bob. Hurley business manager, Joe K., pursued Billabong, an Australian brand of clothing in 1982. Bob liked the long, punk rock board shorts from Joe K.'s Billabong company, so Billabong USA was licensed as a separate unit.

Billabong's Success

Beach styles evolved, reflecting the surfers' love of fashion, skating, art, and music. Surf brands emerged, putting Billabong into the limelight with their innovative products. The company management team did all of the design, marketing, and financing of their product, giving them full control of the outcome.


When the Billabong license came up for renewal in the late 1990s, Bob's group let the Billabong license go in favor of starting the Hurley brand. The team's enthusiasm, expertise, and understanding of their core customers provided the impetus to take the company to new heights. With approximately 150 employees, Hurley achieved instant success in their first year with sales at approximately seventy million dollars.

Secret of Their Success

Bob enlisted the support of his family and friends. With a love of surfing, his desire to provide attire for his sport came natural. He has been passionate about his product and his customers from the beginning, and has never lost focus on knowing what his customers want and the ultimate goal of providing it for them.

Today's Hurley Clothing

Signature Hurley clothing includes board shorts, surfer swim trunks, shorts, distinctive T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, wet suits, dresses, and other surf style items. Some of the features of Hurley clothing are frayed denim, torn shirts, and additional details that define surfer style. They offer a combination of cutting edge styles featuring comfort and fun. His customers are young, hip, and stylish.

Where to Buy Hurley Clothing

In addition to surfer clothing shops such as PacSun, upscale stores Nordstrom and Belk carry the Hurley clothing brand. Or shop online for the full line of the latest collection.