The Best Type of Eyeglass Frames for a Round Face

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Eyeglasses can act as an accessory, much like earrings and necklaces. If you wear glasses, choosing the perfect frames can be daunting. They must be flattering to your particular face shape and coloring in order to look good. While you will have to try on multiple eyeglass frames before you find the best pair, narrow the search down based on your face shape.

Angular and Narrow

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Angular, narrow frames can flatter a round face by making the face look longer and thinner. Round face shapes tend to have rounder features, as well, and angular frames will sharpen facial features. The part over the eyes should be small and rectangular. Make sure that the lens area is not round, as that will make your face look rounder.

Rectangular and Wide

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Large, rectangular and wide eyeglass frames can also make round faces look less round. The frames should be wide at the temples, and thick, rather than wire frames. The actual part that holds the lenses must be rectangular in shape and wide over the eye. There are options in every color.

Cat Eye

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A retro cat-eye type of eyeglass frame is perfect for a round face. Cat-eye frames are up-swept, and that draws the attention up to the top of the face, making it look less round. Also, cat-eye frames are stylish and sassy. These eyeglass frames tend to be thick. Choose them in any color, from black to green.