How to Be Photogenic for Boys & Men

Some people claim to be naturally photogenic, but many more harbor anxiety about having their pictures taken. Luckily, there are tips and tricks that any person can learn to take better-looking photographs that bring out your best qualities. Learning some of the basics of photography will give you confidence for your next photo, a trait that will certainly lend itself to better pictures.

Wash your face and clean your teeth. Most photos try to highlight the face. Wash your face with a cleanser and warm water the night before, and apply moisturizer if you are worried about dry skin. Brush your teeth just before the photo shoot so that you can show off your lovely smile.

Wear an outfit that makes you feel special. For some people dressing up can help them feel professional, important and neat. Others feel at their best in trendy or comfortable clothing. Even if the photo is just of your face, wearing the right outfit will help you feel more confident.

Turn your body slightly so you are not directly facing the camera. If you are standing, place one foot in front of the other and turn slightly at the hips. When seated, simply adjust your position so that your body is partially turned away. This keeps your figure looking slimmer.

Lean forward slightly toward the camera. Doing this will help you look like you are more relaxed and enjoying having your photograph taken.

Look in the direction of the camera, and fix your eyes slightly above the lens. A professional photographer may have an object sticking out of the camera for you to look at. Try not to look directly into the lens unless the tone of the photo is supposed to be dark or serious.

Tilt your head slightly up. This will make your neck look more attractive as well as create a better angle for the shot to capture your face.

Go outside at the right time to take your photo. When shooting outdoors, try to do it either the hour after sunrise or before sunset. Lighting at these times is soft and looks good on the face. Face the sun, then turn about 15 to 30 degrees away for the optimal angle.

Smile. When smiling, it is important to think about a thought that makes you genuinely happy. A gigantic grin is not usually the most appealing, Instead, aim for a natural, 75 percent smile.