The Best Colors for a February Wedding Dress

The traditional color for a wedding dress in the United States is white. You might not feel that white expresses your personality or looks good on you. A wedding dress with color exudes a wow factor and shows off your personal style. The month of February has a color palette all its own that can inspire your wedding dress color.

Seasonal Colors

Depending on where you live, there might still be snow on the ground for a February wedding. Take the cues from winter with a sparkling silver wedding dress. A light blue wedding dress will fit in with a winter wonderland theme while adding subtle color to the wedding gown.

If you are looking forward to spring, find a wedding dress with pastel accents that match your wedding flowers.

Valentine's Day Colors

One of the main holidays in February is Valentine's Day. The classic colors for this occasion are red, white and pink. Take a twist on this color palette for your February wedding. Blush is a subtle pink color that stills gets the theme of a Valentine's wedding across. Try an ivory dress with a feminine rose-colored sash. Burgundy accents give a rich look to a wedding dress.

Roses are a staple on Valentine's Day, so let the flowers add color on your February wedding dress. Find a dress adorned with silk rose petals that cover the bodice and skirt for an unexpected element. A large flower brooch pinned in the middle of the dress adds color and a modern flair to a simple wedding gown.

Classic Wedding Dress Colors

Play on traditional colors for a February wedding. If you want your dress to have an opulent air, look for gold accents or a gold silk dress. Gold will also match shades of pink and red if your wedding has a Valentine's Day theme. If you are taking pictures in the snow, look for a bright winter white dress so your gown doesn't look dingy against that background.

Tradition With Color on the Side

You may want to combine tradition and color into your wedding attire. Look for a colored sash that you can wear with a traditional white dress. Tie a ribbon around your waist to add color. You can also bring in color through embroidery and bead work. Find a dress with a separate train so the front of your gown is typical bridal wear but the back of your February wedding dress has a colorful personality. Most of your guests will be looking at the back of the dress during the wedding ceremony, so add interest with a colored train or bustle.

Some brides choose a second dress for the reception that is easier to dance in. Surprise your guests by choosing a reception dress with an unusual color palette that matches the colors of your reception. Save money on the second dress by shopping in the prom section for a formal dress with color.