The Best Brands of Men's Watches

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Aside from a man’s shoes, one of the first few things that people notice about a man’s clothing and accessories is his timepiece. Men’s watches range from the sporty, casual type to the luxury brands costing more than sedans and SUV’s. While each person may have his own preferences, the best brands of men’s watches are armed with years of proven track record and precision behind their good names.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a veteran in the watch-making business, manufacturing watches since 1851. The Swiss brand is well known for making expensive, durable and accurate watches. Two of its most popular models, the Calatrava and the Aquanaut, cost more than $15,000 each and are considered to be classic pieces due to their elegant faces and dials. Patek Philippe watches also retain their value very well because of their chronometers and chronographs even on their vintage piece. They are highly priced during watch auctions.


For those who value the precision of their timepieces above anything else, and do not mind seeing the inner workings of their watches, the Breguet line of luxury watches is the perfect choice. Designed to counter the effects of gravity on its gears and wheels, Breguet gives the accuracy of time-keeping its number one priority. Watches by Breguet start at $50,000 per piece and are known for partially showing the inner dials and gears of their timepieces.

Piaget and DeBeers

Crossing over watches to jewelry pieces are these two brands — Piaget and DeBeers. By embellishing most of their timepieces with precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, along with using 18k gold for the dials, they give an extra oomph to the watches, even if they are for men. Balancing the embellishments with form and function so as not to look tacky is the expertise of Piaget and DeBeers, with units easily costing over $10,000.


Casio and its G-Shock brand is a 25-year old model that is both fashionable and practical. The shockproof and waterproof line has a futuristic design and comes in various colors, from orange to black, blue to white and even canary yellow, to suit most people’s personal styles. Another variation of the G-Shock line is the Baby G, designed for the more petite wrists. Casio is a mainstream brand that is easily accessible to the public, which gives its popularity a big boost.