The Best 13th Birthday Party Ideas

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A 13th birthday is one of those special days that should be remembered fondly. The transition from child to teen is one that should be celebrated and honored. Make the birthday of your favorite soon-to-be teen special through creative party theme ideas, special cakes and grown-up activities.

Grown-ups for a Day

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Show the new teenager how life will be as a grown-up with a fun evening out. Ask guests to dress in their most fancy and sophisticated attire. Have guests meet at a central location and have a limousine rented to pick up the party. Serve sparkling apple cider in the vehicle's champagne glasses. Whisk guests away to a fancy restaurant for a sophisticated meal. As an activity prime guests with some etiquette tips by a "manner's expert" or simply by giving each guest a card with some fancy restaurant dining tips. Finish the night with a classic music concert or another cultural event. Check your local college or university for a schedule of events.

Slumber Party

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A teenager's life is peppered with slumber parties. Help your teenage daughter break into her teens with her very first sleepover. Host the event at a hotel or at home. Be sure to have plenty of snacks and a stack of fun movies on hand. Add music and some party games for a fun 13th birthday celebration. Be sure to involve parents so there is ample adult supervision.

13th Birthday Cake

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Let your theme dictate your cake decoration. If you don't have a specific theme in mind for the party, use a sheet cake. Find small items that represent various aspects of the birthday boy's life. Perhaps he loves to play video games, is on a soccer team and eats popcorn every night. Find miniatures that represent each aspect of his life. These items can be found at a craft store. Use these small items to decorate the top of a plain sheet cake.

Birthday Celebrating 13s

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Host a party of 13s. Hold the party on the 13th of the month. Invite 13 guests and make sure the birthday girl receives 13 gifts. Serve a 13-course meal. The meal may consist of a beverage course and serve cake and ice cream in separate courses (one following the other) so you can more easily reach 13 courses. Hang large "13" signs around the room for decorations.