The Advantages of Matte Black Sunglass Frames

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The masculine face deserves sunglasses frames that enhance it. They should be equally as durable, strong, comfortable and confident as the man wearing them. There are as many frame styles, shapes and materials as a man's heart could desire, including wire, barely there, heavy metal and the standard black matte. It is important to know there are some distinct advantages to black matte frames.


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Black matte frames suggest intelligence, they frame a man's eyes in such a way that says "I don't have to try to look cool. I am cool." Sunglasses that allow people to see your eyes are nice when at a social event. Eye contact is important.


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Confidence oozes from a man who wears black matte eyeglass frames. You can buy a shape and glass translucency that's fitting to your style. Choose something distinctive and unique to you. Don't simply buy what's in this year, as it will likely not be "in" next year. Go with what you like. Signature style can be hard to develop, but once you do, you will most certainly have the distinction you seek.


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Just as men do, frames vary in their resilience and strength. Many of the black matte frames absorb the glare of flash cameras, sunlight or the bright lights of the red carpet. Fingerprints are not a concern, either. The black matte frames are often made of the materials that represent practicality, common sense and power. If you do go with a dark lens, be aware the dark lens can be intimidating, but you may enjoy a conversation that is followed by the reveal, when you unveil the window to your soul at just the right moment.


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The best frames will work for any situation. Black matte offers that. Wear something that is classic, irrefutably fashionable in any scenario, that will match any variation in wardrobe. Black goes with everything and when they're matte, you can be sure your style will be classic and understated enough for the most discriminating tastes.