How to Tell Someone Off in Style

Some people can be very tactless or even flat out rude. Would you like to know how to react gracefully when you meet with one of these people? Prepare for the next brutally frank comment that comes your way, by following these simple tips and learn how to tell someone off in style.

Use a soft tone of voice and calm, relaxed facial expressions. If you want to tell someone off in style, you have to remain cool. Stay calm while they are exploding, turning red, sweating and raising their voice; just act natural.

Smile to help keep your cool, create an air of superiority over the other person and to show your infinite class and style. You are upset, but you don't have to stoop to their level by destroying your stylish attitude with an angry growl.

Kill them with kindness. When someone is shouting or trying to get a rise out of you and you want to tell them where to "Shove it," sometimes the best way to tell them off is to tell them nothing at all. Don't feed their anger and watch their frustration grow.

Confuse them by disguising your negative comments in sarcasm. For example, "Your sunglasses are really cool, honest," or "Who cuts your hair, man, I'd like to recommend your hairdresser to my little brother. He's five." It's a great way to get them back, without losing your composure.