Star Wars Party Food Ideas

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Star Wars has captivated fans young and old for decades. If you have a Star Wars fan in your family and you want to plan a party for that person, try incorporating some creative menu planning. When you serve foods with a Star Wars flair, you can create a party that is fully themed from beginning to end.

Sweet Treats

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Make edible light sabers by dipping pretzel rods into melted red or green chocolate. If you cannot find red and green melting chocolate, use white chocolate with food coloring added. Add matching crystal sprinkles in either red or green to give your light sabers that glowing authenticity.

Set out a selection of fondue foods (strawberries, marshmallows, pound cake) and toothpicks. Let your guests choose the light side or the dark side of the force by providing melted dark and white chocolate in fondue pots. Expand on this light/dark concept with either homemade or bakery-bought black-and-white cookies.

Outer-Space Delights

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Make Yoda's popcorn balls by using green marshmallows in your recipe (see resources below). Or serve green Galactic Gelatin (regular green gelatin with grapes inside) for an out-of-this-world treat. Make Womp Rat on a Stick (really just chicken strip kabobs, but don't tell) with teriyaki dipping sauce. See how many of your guests will dare to eat them.

Beverage Options

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Hang a "Mos Eisley Cantina" sign over your bar and serve Yoda Soda (green apple-flavored soda or regular lemon-lime soda with green sherbert added in) for little guests. For older guests, try Padme's punch (regular fruit punch with your favorite liquor added in) or Sith Shots (combine grenadine with your favorite vodka or rum and serve in shot glasses).