How to Host a Zodiac Party

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You've probably heard that pick-up line, "What's your sign?" and may have shaken your head or rolled your eyes at the speaker. But, at a zodiac party, somehow that same question takes on a whole new meaning. Hosting a zodiac party is a fun way to get to know people while embracing the idea that your birth sign just might have some influence over your personality traits. Even if it doesn't, it's still an entertaining theme for a party.

The Invitations

If you know your guests' zodiac signs, create personalized invitations using each person's sign. If not, go with a generic zodiac invitation. In either case, include a name tag. For the generic invitations, leave a place for your guest to write, or draw, their sign. You can opt for an RSVP if you wish.

The Setting

If you're having an evening outdoor patio party, you'll already have the stars shining down on you, weather permitting. Even so, it won't hurt to put up tiny fairy lights on the patio and have candles on the tables. Inside, consider using fluorescent paint and a black light to create your backdrop of stars. Paint the constellations on simple dark blue or black cotton fabric and hang them around the room. Dark paper also works. Make sure you represent all 12 signs.

The Food

The four elements of astrology involve fire, water, earth and air, so choose foods that are representative of those elements. For example, for fire, serve a spicy chilli, with bottles of ice water to cool the tongue. Or, serve seafood, symbolizing the fruit of the sea. Earth can be represented by terrestrial foods, like steaks, burgers, lamb or even vegetarian fare. For the air category, a souffle or lemon meringue pie, both light and "airy" dishes, are delicious options.

The Entertainment

For entertainment, arrange for an astrologist to attend your party. Offer your guests a personal reading. For a bit of fun, book a fortune-teller to read Tarot cards, another way to predict the future. Besides, that card reading just might get your guests in the mood for exploring the mysteries of the zodiac.

Alternatively, play zodiac bingo. Make up some bingo cards using the 12 signs of the zodiac and the four elements of earth, wind, fire and air. Now, use dice or borrow some Scrabble pieces to make the clues. Taping the signs on the dice or pieces won't hurt them. Now you need a sack or a big hat to use for the draws. As far as prizes, decks of Tarot cards, plates or glasses with astrology signs or colorful posters work well.