How to Create Printable Food Labels

by Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Items you will need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Label sheets
  • Printer
  • Pictures (optional)

Any one who does a lot of cooking is sure to need food labels at some time. Use these labels to mark the contents, date, cook and any other information you want on food containers. These are very handy to have when you are canning food or creating special holiday treats. You can create a printable food label with Microsoft Word. Buy the necessary sheets of labels and you can then print your food labels as well.

Step 1

Decide which type of label to apply. Draw on the link for the Microsoft label templates.

Step 2

Look over all of the various styles of labels. Click on template picture to see a full-page view of it. You will notice some are specifically for holiday treats, spices and other things.

Step 3

Pick a label template to use. Purchase label sheets that match the template.

Step 4

Download the template. Click on the "Download" button and accept the service agreement. Microsoft Word will open automatically with the label template.

Step 5

Adjust the food label. Select and modify all things desired. Type in the information about the food you want. Alter the font, style, color and size of the text, if you would like to.

Step 6

Use a picture of the actual food, product or maybe a picture of the cook on the label. Replace an image or use the options found under the Insert Menu and then "Picture" to add one.

Step 7

Employ regular paper to make a test copy. Review the labels. Make any needed modifications and verify the alignment.

Step 8

Load your printer with a label sheet. Print as many as you want. Put the labels on the food.


  • The Avery product number is listed next to the title of the template. You can purchase authentic Avery label sheets or generic ones that match the product number needed.

    You can use other labels created for additional things for your food labels. Use the link provided on Microsoft Office Online to access the main label page. Go through each category to see all of the obtainable label templates.


  • Remember to save a copy of the food labels for upcoming use. This way you can access the labels in the future when you need to.

    Use waterproof ink on the food labels if there is any chance of it getting wet.

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