How to Cook With Almond Milk

by Kate Abram

Substitute almond milk for cow’s milk in your dish.

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Whether you are seeking an alternative to dairy milk because you want to avoid buying products from large dairy farms, you desire to steer clear from foods with added hormones and antibiotics or you simply have trouble digesting dairy products, almond milk can replace cow’s milk in any food or recipe. However, as a general rule, almond milk is better suited for cooking a sweeter dish like curry or for making desserts, says Karlene Karst, a nutrition specialist and registered dietitian.

Measure and pour the almond milk in your pot as you would dairy milk.

Cook the milk slowly, over low or medium heat, stirring constantly.

Insert the thermometer and watch the temperature to prevent scorching. Keep the milk below 140 degrees Fahrenheit unless the recipe calls for a higher temperature.

Follow the recipe as you typically would, but swap out the dairy milk for almond milk.


  • When substituting almond milk for dairy milk in any new dish, be cautious and check your dish a few minutes sooner than you would normally because the swap may affect the cooking time. Use almond milk to bake bread for a rich, sweet and nutty-flavored loaf.


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