How to Bottle Homemade Liqueurs

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Homemade Irish cream or limoncello make welcome gifts and some people craft batches of homemade liqueurs every year. If you experiment with making liqueurs, take the time to bottle them attractively after each batch is done. Whether you give the liqueur as a gift or enjoy it at home, a handcrafted drink deserves an attractive package. Check discount and dollar stores to find a collection of colorful bottles with matching corks. Your homemade liqueurs will be even more special in decorative containers.

Remove the corks from the bottles and lay the bottles down in the bottom of a large pot, leaving space between the bottles. If there isn't enough room to fit all the bottles in the pot without crowding, sterilize them in two batches. Place the funnel in the pot with the bottles.

Fill the pot halfway with water, leaving at least two inches above the surface of the glass. Place the pot on the stove and turn the heat to medium-high.

Boil the bottles for 15 minutes. Turn the heat off and allow the bottles and water to cool.

Remove the bottles from the water using tongs. Hold each bottle upside down over the pot to drain as much water as possible. Set the bottles upside down on a kitchen towel. Remove the funnel from the pot and set it next to the bottles. Allow the bottles and funnel to air dry.

Place a coffee filter into the funnel and place the tip of the funnel into each bottle. Fill the bottles to the top of the main body with liqueur, leaving the necks empty.

Insert the corks and push them down securely. Leave enough cork sticking up so that you can grasp it easily, or opt for decorative corks with handles.