How to Refill an Atomizer

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An atomizer is a spray bottle that is used to create a mist from liquid perfume. Many perfumes are sold in an atomizer, but you can also buy refillable atomizers for use with any scent. Refillable atomizers are often used for aesthetic purposes or convenience, since you can buy a large bottle of perfume and decant it into a smaller atomizer as needed. You can even transfer your perfume from one atomizer to another (for example, from an atomizer sold with perfume to a smaller atomizer for travel).

Filling a Perfume Atomizer

Remove the top or lid from your atomizer.

Insert the funnel into the mouth of the atomizer. A stainless steel funnel is best because it is easy to clean and does not absorb smells as easily as plastic. If you use a plastic funnel, do not use it with more than one scent.

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Open your bottle of perfume and carefully pour the perfume into the funnel, filling the atomizer. Hold the funnel steady as you pour. If your perfume bottle is itself a sealed atomizer, you can spray the perfume into the funnel instead of pouring.

Replace the tops on both the atomizer and the perfume bottle.

Pump your atomizer a few times until the perfume begins to spray out. You are now finished!