How to Make Beer Not Taste Bitter

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If a swallow of beer causes a grimace on your face, then implement a remedy to minimize its bitter taste. If you're a purist and you like to drink beer straight, make sure to chill it properly before taking the first swig. This can help reduce the unpleasant taste from a warm beverage. Otherwise, you can add something to it or mix it with something to make it more palatable.

Make a Shandy

Fill a chilled glass halfway with a clear, carbonated soda such as one flavored with lemon-lime or ginger ale. Or substitute lemonade.

Pour your favorite beer into the glass on top of the carbonated beverage.

Add ice if desired. Enjoy.

Lemon or Lime

Cut up limes or lemons into wedges for easy squeezing.

Squeeze juice from a fresh lemon or lime wedge into the bottle or mug of beer.

Hold the bottle or mug over a sink and add a few shakes of salt if you prefer a salty flavor.