Sports-Themed Centerpiece Ideas

When planning a sports-themed party, it is important that your centerpiece reflects both the team and the sport that you are celebrating. By being creative, you can make your sports-themed centerpiece a fun conversation piece for all of your guests.

Candy Centerpieces

Candy is a fun material to use for themed centerpieces, particularly because it can be bought in such a wide array of colors and shapes. Shop for your favorite team's colors in hard candies and fill various sized containers with the different types of candy. You can use colored, unwrapped candies such as M&Ms to layer colors in tall containers to create a stripe effect. Wrapped candies can also be affixed to Styrofoam shapes such as round balls and trees to create a unique and edible centerpiece.

Team Mascots

There is usually a wide variety of items with your team mascot available for you to use creatively as a part of your centerpiece. You can use small stuffed animals or figurines that represent both your team and the opposing team as the centerpiece. An idea when using stuffed animals is to gently wrap their limbs with heavy-gauge floral wire so you can pose them in the middle of your table.

Fun Dessert Centerpiece

There are several different options for creating fun dessert sports-themed centerpieces. One is to make a team-themed cake. For instance, you can make a basic yellow cake and put food coloring in the batter and frosting to make the cake reflect your team colors. There are also special cake baking pans that you can buy in the shape of sports balls so you can further tailor the cake to what kind of sport you are celebrating. You can also create a pudding or pie dessert and decorate it as a baseball, football or hockey puck by using whipped cream and gel cake icing for details.

Sports Miniatures

Another sports-themed centerpiece idea is to create a miniature of the sport that you are celebrating. Take small toys such as plastic soccer players and create a field for them. Use a section of cardboard as your base and create a small field for the toy players using either plastic or real grass. Cut the grass down and draw the appropriate markings on your field using paints. Place the players on their new field so that it appears that they are playing the game.


Balloons can also be used as a part of a sports-themed centerpiece. Team-colored balloons can be anchored to the center of your table using a mascot stuffed animal or figurine. They can also be anchored using a piece of the game paraphernalia such as a hockey puck, football on a kick stand, or baseball cleat.