How to Make a Dachshund Birthday Cake

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If you are looking to please a dog lover for their birthday, you can make them a dachshund birthday cake. You can make a replica of the dog by using the same colors on the cake. Use colored fondant to make the dachshund a few days before you make the cake so there is enough time for it to dry out. You can also make the dog at the last minute and place it on the cake if you are short on time. Make a background of grass or mud on the cake.

Slice the baked and cooled cake and fill it with fruit or frosting as desired. Frost the top and sides of the cake evenly with brown frosting.

Sprinkle green colored sugar on the top of the cake to represent grass. You can also leave the cake brown to represent mud if desired.

Roll a piece of brown fondant in your hands to form a sausage-like shape that will be the dachshund's body. Roll another small piece of fondant for the head, shaping it to elongate slightly where the nose should be. Place the head on the body, using toothpicks to fix them in place.

Roll a thick piece of brown fondant into a cylinder and then shape it like a horseshoe. Indent the ends to represent paws and place it under the body. Make another piece for the hind legs.

Pipe white frosting in small circles for the eyes. Roll two small pieces of black fondant and place them on the white frosting. The fondant will stick to the white frosting by itself without the need for toothpicks.

Roll a small piece of black fondant and stick it in place for the nose, using a dab of white or brown frosting to glue it in place. Roll a piece of brown fondant into a thin tail and pinch it in place behind the body of the dachshund.

Place the prepared dachshund on the cake in the center or the side. Make another dachshund if desired.

Pipe a border on the cake using a star-shaped icing tip. Pipe a birthday message to complete the look.