What Is Something Fun to Do With Your Girlfriend When You're Broke?

by Wannikki Taylor

With the high pricing of theater tickets and upscale dining, going on a date with your girlfriend can get quite hefty for your wallet. Fortunately, you can still have a date night with your girlfriend even if your funds are running a little low. Plan a fun-filled, budget-friendly date with her by using items you already have at home or by taking her out to places that will cost you absolutely nothing.

Head to the Kitchen

Plan a date night dinner. Search your cabinets to see what you already have to work with. Tell your girlfriend what ingredients you already have in your kitchen and ask her what she has in her own. Perhaps you have tomato sauce and shredded cheese while she has pre-packed dough and sliced pepperoni to make a pizza. Or, you may have meatballs and she has boxed pasta to make a complete spaghetti dinner. Invite her over to bring her ingredients and prepare a meal together. Then, sit down at a candlelit table and enjoy your home-cooked meal.

Go to the Local Park

A neighborhood park can offer you and your girlfriend a plethora of fun things to do together. Grab your girlfriend's hand and stroll hand in hand around the park to enjoy the scenic trees and flowers. Bring along some crumbled bread for you and your girlfriend to throw into the pond and laugh together as the ducks nibble them up. If you are the adventurous type, go for a long bike ride around the park and break for a picnic lunch. Perhaps you can also see who can skate the fastest between the both of you around the park.

Get Your Game On

Schedule a night of friendly competition with your girlfriend. Spend the evening playing a series of card and board games you both already have. Uno, Mad Gab and Twister are ideal games that can easily be played with just two people, suggests "Cosmopolitan." Get in touch with your inner child and play kid-catered games such as Candyland. Or, play your favorite classic games instead such as Monopoly or Clue. Alternatively, have a video game competition. Think of creative ways that the person with the most wins can be rewarded. The loser can cook the winner a romantic dinner.

Have a Movie Marathon

Skip the expensive tickets and snacks at the movie theater and plan a movie night at home. Scan your home movie library for your favorite movies and have your girlfriend bring over her own. Toss a coin to see whose movie you will watch first, advises "Marie Claire." Then, grab your favorite treats and cuddle up on the couch together to watch the movies. Discuss your favorite movie scenes afterwards. Alternatively, agree on a movie night theme and only watch films you already have from a specific genre. Maybe you can have a sci-fi flick night and watch alien-themed movies or have a night of laughter and romance with romantic comedies.

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