Sock Hop Craft Ideas

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A sock hop is a 1950s-style party where revelers dance to juke box tunes and eat nostalgic treats. Organize some sock hop crafts for your retro party based on iconic 50s themes like scarves, poodle skirts and popcorn. Once they enter the themed scene, your guests will be in the sock hop mood in no time.

Scarf Designs

A square scarf tied off to the side of the neck is a classic 50s accessory. Supply your guests with squares of poly-satin fabric and plenty of embellishments so they can design their own scarves. Fabric glue, felt, sequins, beads and puff paint all work to add 50s motifs like records and hot dogs to the scarves, which guests can wear at the party as soon as the glue dries.

Felt Poodle

Poodle skirts are a 50s icon and a sock hop party would be incomplete without them--or at least poodle designs that guests can attach to whatever they're wearing. Have a stack of felt squares on hand, along with poodle stencils and scissors. Guests can decorate their poodles with fabric paint and write their names on the animals with paint pens. Provide safety pins they can use to attach their poodles to their clothes.

Popcorn Box

A drive-in movie and a box of popcorn were all many people needed for their Friday or Saturday night entertainment in the 1950s. Sock hoppers can make their own popcorn holders to honor that tradition. Pick up some plain cardboard cartons from a craft store or a restaurant supply store, along with markers, stickers and paints so that your guests can create customized popcorn boxes. Make fresh popcorn and fill up the boxes.