Shape a Round Challah Bread Loaf


0:01 Hi I'm Karen for Expert Village now we are going to make a traditional round challah

0:08 loaf with raisins. First we would dust our board again with flour just lightly you don't

0:14 want to much and place our dough on the board and push out the air the best you can. This

0:23 is a traditional bread for Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and so we put raisin in it

0:32 for extra sweetness for a sweet New Year. Okay just roll that dough out to about a half

0:40 inch thick. Getting a lot of air out of it and then we are going to sprinkle it with

0:55 some raisins. These are some nice golden raisins to go with the nice golden color of the loaf

1:02 it is about half cup a quarter to half of cup of raisins and we are just going to roll

1:16 that dough up. Start by tucking it in on the sides and then rolling it up like that. Do

1:28 it nice and tight and pinch up the ends, pinch the whole side and then again you want that

1:39 shape even dough this is all one strand you want to spin out the ends of the strands so

1:48 you have a fat middle and skinny ends. You can even do it between your hands like this

1:57 and this would give it a nice shape as you see when I turn it into a round loaf. Now

2:07 you take start with one of the skinny ends and you just roll it up. Don't stretch the

2:17 dough as you roll it just nicely wrap it around and then pinch together on the side and we

2:29 will place that on a baking sheet with a piece of baking paper and you get a nice shape skinny

2:38 in the middle and it gets fat and then it just kind of rolls into itself. Now we would

2:44 cover that with plastic wrap to keep it moist you don't want it to get dry and crack as

2:51 it is rising and we would set that aside for a half a hour to rise before we bake it.