How to Freeze an Unbaked Pizza Crust

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Freezing prepared pizza crusts can make homemade pizza nights fun, fast and easy to put together. Whether you are making your dough from scratch or using prepared pizza dough, you can roll it out onto pizza pans ahead of time and freeze it, so that all you have to do is thaw it and add whatever toppings you wish when you're ready to bake it. If you are making your own dough from scratch, roll out the dough after the first rise, allowing the pizza crust to develop a better flavor and texture.

Step 1

Flour a pizza pan lightly and place the freshly prepared pizza dough in the center.

Step 2

Roll the pizza dough out over the pan using a rolling pin, going back and forth in all directions to stretch it out. If you're having a hard time keeping the edges rolled out, let the dough rest a few minutes and roll out the edges again, repeating until the edges stay in place.

Step 3

Place the pizza pan in the freezer with the crust uncovered for about two hours, or until it is frozen solid. Carefully slide the crust off of the pizza pan and wrap tightly in plastic wrap, then in a layer or two of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Store in the freezer for up to two or three months.