Senior Citizen Birthday Cake Ideas

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Birthday parties vary in regards to decorations, themes and entertainment, but the basic necessity is the cake. Big or small, a birthday party would be incomplete without this frosted treat. While a variety of traditional designs are available, a birthday cake for a senior loved one deserves a little more creativity.

Portrait Cakes

Portrait cakes offer a special way to celebrate the life of a senior loved one by offering a look back at younger years. These cakes are highly personalized, turning the recipient's photographs into edible decals. The most popular photos chosen for these cakes are wedding and high school portraits, but some families choose to use both older and recent photographs alongside each other.

Newspaper Cake

A newspaper cake is designed to look like the front page of the local periodical. The date on the cake should be that of the senior's birth date, and the articles and pictures should depict what happened on that day in history. If you're making this type of cake at home, go on the Internet and type the senior's birth date in a search engine to find events that happened on that day.

Flashback Cake

A flashback cake can be used to provide a stroll down memory lane for the guest of honor. Use small toys to depict various careers held by the senior. Or create a timeline with frosting that lists important dates and events, such as when the senior got married, had her children or moved into her first home.