Senior Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

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The older people get, the more they appreciate a birthday party thrown especially for them. Plan a senior birthday party with a fun and unique theme targeted to the person's life and memories. A themed birthday party for a senior, however, looks very different from a child's themed birthday party. Try some of these decorating ideas that seniors will truly appreciate.

This Is Your Life

A simple yet meaningful way to decorate for a senior's birthday party is to hang pictures from the senior's past on the wall. Include baby pictures, family portraits, old school pictures, wedding pictures, pictures of descendants and relatives, pictures of important events in the person's life and any other memorable ones. Enlarge each picture, back it on a piece of colored card stock, label it and hang in chronological order on the wall. If you'd like, make a timeline along one wall, hanging the labeled pictures at appropriate intervals along it.

Back in the Day

A perfect theme for a senior birthday party consists of re-creating what life was like back when the honoree was growing up. Serve food and beverages popular in that era on a table covered with an old-fashioned tablecloth. Hang old records on the wall and display an old record player playing time-appropriate tunes. Buy some old posters or other memorabilia from that time period to hang on the wall.

Then and Now

If you're willing to invest some extra effort and creativity, host a "then and now" senior birthday party. Compare some of the popular items or ideas from when the senior was growing up with their equivalents today. Things to include, for example, are popular movie stars, popular songs and clothing fads. Hang then and now pictures side-by-side on the walls. Partygoers will love looking at the pictures and discussing how times have changed.