Scavenger Hunt Ideas for a Bachelor Party

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A scavenger hunt can be a fun way to get a bachelor party started, as it requires guests to get up and moving, requests strangers to do ridiculous stunts and involves locating off-the-wall items. As you plan a scavenger hunt for a bachelor party, keep in mind the tone of the party and be sure to include one or two items that will get guests laughing to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Kiss hunt

For a goofy bachelor party scavenger hunt, make a list of types of women or women with a specific characteristic and require that teams get a kiss from the subject in order to move on to the next item. To keep things chaste and avoid angering the bride-to-be, you can specify that kisses must be on the cheek, forehead or hand; require that each kiss be documented on photo or video to count. Consider making each woman represent an old girlfriend or a type that the groom-to-be has a weakness for. Some examples include redheads, a woman with a mohawk, a woman over the age of 50 or a woman in a formal dress; more difficult items will require that participants be creative in securing their kiss.

Cutout bride

For a scavenger hunt that will result in funny photos that will be keepsakes after the party, use a life-size cutout of the bride-to-be. Find or take a flattering photo of the bride and have a local print shop create a true-to-life standing cardboard figure. Make each scavenger hunt item involve the party guests posing the cutout in ridiculous situations. One item might instruct the guests to get the cutout into a store window and take a photo of it next to the existing mannequins, and another might involve placing the cutout on a balcony and having the groom below in a Romeo and Juliet pose. To make for increased merriment, include some items that are difficult to achieve, such as posing the cutout with a local musician or politician. After the party, the photos can be printed and arranged in an album for the bride and groom to laugh over in years to come.

Activity hunt

If you will be going from bar to bar during a bachelor party, take advantage of the tipsy patrons to be used in different activities. In this type of scavenger hunt, which can be innocent or more risque, the groom-to-be must convince different bar customers to do various tasks. He might get a kiss from a woman with the same name as the bride-to-be, convince a bartender to dance on a table top or find a bachelorette party and pose for photos. Choose list items that are tailored to the personality of the groom and the atmosphere you want to create; for a more tame hunt, you can include an item that requires the groom to find a married couple and solicit their top piece of marriage advice.