How to Save Your Life From an Estranged Spouse

Marriage is the most intimate union between a man and a woman. Separation often causes people to become so angry and bitter that they literally want to kill their spouse and all too often they do. There are steps to take in order to better protect you against an estranged spouse.

If you are sure the marriage is over, attempt to finalize the separation as quickly as possible. Getting greedy and trying to get as much as you can, instead of getting what you need and deserve, will often times make your spouse extremely angry.

Take control of your separation so that it is concluded quickly. Don't let an attorney tell you, "No, wait, I think I can get more." Tell your attorney "This is what I want. Get it or I'll hire someone who can. What I deserve is to live peacefully."

If you are sure the marriage is over, don't fall for any of the following tricks: Let's go out on the boat honey. Let's go to our favorite cabin baby. Let's go hiking for old time's sake my love. Let's go on a trip to get our thoughts together sweetie. These could be attempts to isolate you and perhaps do the unthinkable. It happens more often than we want to think.

Studies show that divorce is the second most traumatic event a person will experience, second only to losing a loved one to death. Don't get confrontational. Don't be arrogant because you got a great settlement. These are the types of things that can put an estranged spouse over the top. Remember, they are already dealing with a very traumatic event.

If your divorce is in process or could be in the near future, take precautions. Always tell someone where you will be. Call them when you leave and have them call you at the expected arrival time. Have someone escort you to your car when possible. At night, go places with another person and try not to go places alone. Do your shopping during the daytime. Remember, your spouse knows your habits.

Do not meet with your estranged spouse alone (even if you're just dropping off or picking up the kids). Document everything you observe and suspect about your estranged spouse, if you believe it is suspicious. Keep it in a safe place and tell someone.

Stay alive. Someone loves you.