How to Arrange a Wedding in a Judge's Chambers in Hawaii

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The Hawaiian islands are as close to paradise as it gets while staying on American soil. The beaches and balmy weather make Hawaii ideal for honeymoons or destination weddings. Arrange a wedding in a judge’s chambers to save money and time better spent sipping drinks on a beach or exploring volcanoes.

Call the clerk of courts office in the county you plan to marry to get names of judges who perform weddings.

Gather important paperwork. In order to apply for a marriage license, you will need birth certificates and a second identification with proof of age — a driver’s license, passport or armed services identification — for both the bride and the groom. The legal marrying age in Hawaii is 18; younger individuals need written consent from a parent or guardian.

Be prepared to provide a divorce decree or death certificate if either of you has been married before.

Consider who will witness the wedding. A marriage license requires the signature of a witness. Bring someone along to witness the wedding or ask if someone is available at the judge's office to witness.

Confirm your arrangements with the judge before making wedding and travel plans.

Obtain a marriage license application from a clerk of court office in the county you plan to marry or from the Hawaii Health Department at 1250 Punchbowl Street in Honolulu; the application is also available download from the Hawaii Health Department website. Note: It must be filled out by both the bride and groom in person. Once the application is approved, a wedding license will be issued.

Take your wedding license to the judge. Be prepared with rings and/or wedding attire.

Sign your marriage license after the ceremony. Have the witness and officiating judge sign. The judge will file the license with the proper authorities.

Enjoy your stay in beautiful, sunny Hawaii.