Saturday Morning Date Ideas

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If you spend the majority of your weekday and weekend evenings at work, you'll find it quite hard to schedule a date with a significant other. Consider scheduling a date on a Saturday morning. You and your date can still find several types of ways to enjoy each other's company during a non-traditional date time.

Coffee House

The weekend ambiance of a coffee shop offers a quaint and relaxing atmosphere to take a morning date. Grab you and your date's coffee drinks and sit in a far corner of the cafe for an intimate setting to chat and listen to the soft classical or jazz music in the background or even sit outside and enjoy a cool breeze. You and your date can imagine you're at an authentic Parisian cafe by nibbling on chocolate-filled croissants and sipping on cups of cafe au lait, a French coffee drink. The pleasant associations brought about by coffee can end up coloring how your date sees you, according to the Psychology Today article, "5 Ways Coffee Can Help You Fall in Love," by Jeremy Nicholson, Ph.D. The coffee will ultimately give you an extra boost to open up and leave a good impression on your date.

Park Stroll

A local park on a sunny weekend morning is an ideal setting for a date. You and your date can reflect on aspects of nature as you stroll around the park. Marvel at blooming Japanese cherry blossoms and fields of daisies and listen to the sweet sounds of chirping birds. If it's early fall, the vividly colored leaves on oak trees will be a sight to see. Pack a romantic picnic of sparkling apple cider or wine and a medley of smoked sausage, sliced cheese and crackers ahead of time. Spread out a blanket and settle down with your date to eat by the park's duck pond. Prepare a few romantic poems or love story excerpts to read to your date as you both munch on breakfast. End the morning by getting in touch with your inner child and throwing an ultimate disc back and forth to each other.

Yard Sales

Garage sales and church flea markets are common outdoor events on weekend mornings in both city and suburban neighborhoods. Gather information about a few yard sales on Saturday morning in your area. Invite your date to come along and help you scope out interesting finds at the sales. If you're a newly dating couple, yard sales will give you an idea of what your date's taste are by the items he shows interest in. If you've been dating a while, share a few winks together as you both find something you both adore like a classic piece of artwork. You may find your date softly touch your arm when he spots something he knows you'll like. For a touch of fun, turn the yard sale date into a scavenger hunt. Create a list of yard sale items, such as certain books or board games, to search for as a paired activity with your date.

Morning Brunch

If you have adequate cooking skills, prepare a mid-morning meal in your home to impress your date. Cook traditional brunch favorites, such as French toast and vegetable frittata that your date will be familiar with. Let the aroma of the flavors transcend through your home. For a romantic touch, create edible messages for your date. Simply write out a sweet message with pancake batter in a frying pan and cook it. Consider making your own freshly squeezed orange juice or lemonade. Place a bouquet of freshly cut flowers on the kitchen or dining room table and play soft music in the background to set a welcoming atmosphere. If you're skilled instrumentally, consider playing a few love tunes on the piano or acoustic guitar for your date to enjoy.