Retirement Party Decorating Ideas

When planning a retirement party, use decorations based on the personal interests of the retiree. Wendy Moyle of ShindigZ Party Supplies also cautions that many retirees “may approach this time with mixed emotion”. Therefore, “All retirement celebrations should be as upbeat as possible, and should honor the life of the retiree.”

Beach Party

When the retiree is planning to celebrate retirement with a vacation to a beach location such as Hawaii or the Bahamas, use related ideas for decorating. Use simple beach-themed elements or throw a lavish luau.

Beach towels make great reusable tablecloths. Use seashell-shaped plates or coconuts as cups. Pour sand into glass vases or candle holders to provide the suggestion of the beach without the messy cleanup of loose sand. Rolls of shimmering blue gift wrapping cellophane stretched along the wall provide the illusion of the sea. Stick decals of fish and sea life along the length of the cellophane.

International Travel

When globe-trotting fever calls the retiree, gather travel posters and small souvenirs depicting various world locations. Decorate the cake as a well-traveled suitcase covered with destination stickers. Vintage sticker reprints are available on CD-ROM from specialty book suppliers. Print the stickers from a desktop printer using edible ink available from online cake suppliers.

Decorate each table according to a specific international locale such as Paris, the Pyramids, Tokyo and Moscow. Search online to find small international flags to use as centerpieces along with other elements to set the mood.

Road Trip

The desire of many retirees is to hit the open road by convertible, RV or motorcycle as an expression of their well-earned freedom. Gather Route 66 signs to set the theme, as this historic highway captures the romance of the road. Decorate disposable tablecloths with painted-on sections of road, then add toy or model vehicles as a part of the centerpiece. Print mini-highway signs with a desktop printer. Cut a small slit at the top and bottom of each mini-sign so each one will slide over a straw as decoration for drinks and glasses on the table.

The Los Angeles Public Library maintains an online collection of old menu images. Search for roadside diner menus from the 1950s and 1960s and print them off on a desktop printer to use as place mats. Use the menu items as ideas to create the actual menu for the retirement party.