Removing the Gray in a Beard

Jack Hollingsworth/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Gray hair is a natural part of the aging process. It slowly sneaks up on men, often starting on top of the head, but then appearing in a man's beard and mustache. Although no one can turn back the hands of time, you can remove gray from your beard using readily available dyes formulated just for this purpose. In less than 10 minutes you can restore your youthful look.

Select a Color

Shop for a hair-dye product at your local department store, drug store or supermarket. Specially formulated dyes for men’s beards are readily available at these types of stores; they can usually be found in the aisle with shampoos or other grooming products. Select a shade that most closely matches the final color you would like to achieve.

Set Up

Remove all of the products in the box and set them on the counter next to your sink. The items in the box will consist of a tube of color base, a tube of color adjuster, a mixing tray, a pair of latex gloves and a small applicator brush.

Prepare the Dye

Squeeze a small amount of the color base onto the mixing tray. Place a similar amount of the color adjuster next to the color base. Mix the color base and color adjuster together until the color is uniform. Make sure to wear the pair of latex gloves so you do not stain your hands.

Apply to Beard

Dip the applicator brush into the paste and apply gently to your beard. Start toward the top of your beard and work downwards in a systematic fashion. You may have to work the brush in an up-and-down motion to ensure a uniform application.

Allow to Sit

Let the dye sit on your beard for approximately five minutes. This will provide time for the product to thoroughly dye the hairs in your beard.


Rinse the dye from your beard. The water will run clear when the majority of the excess dye has been removed. Wash your beard with shampoo to remove any remaining dye, and let your beard dry. Your new color will last three to four weeks. When you notice the color fading, repeat the process.