How to Find a Phone Number Listing

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After seeing an old photo of a childhood friend, you've become overwhelmed with the urge to call her. Unfortunately you no longer have her phone number and can't find it in the local phone book. In the past, you would have needed to find a relative of your friend or someone who kept in contact with her, but today, with the help of your computer, there is a great chance you will end the night with a phone call to your friend's home.

Check lifestyle announcements and obituary notices in your local newspaper's archives to see if the person married, divorced or passed away. If you find the person's name write down the proper spelling of the person's first and last name, their spouse's name and the city and state where the person resides. Researching the person will give you the basic information you need to begin your search.

Type the person's name, city and state into the search boxes at, or A list of people matching your search will appear or you will be notified that there was no match. However, if your search provides no match and you think the person might have moved to a different city, expand your search by only using the person's name and the state in which they live. Remember, if the person has a private number their name will appear without a phone number.

Sign up at social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter and Classmates; type the person's name, city and state into a search box. If the person has registered, read his information page. Many people include contact information like an email address or phone number. If their phone number is not listed with their personal information, send them an email or instant message telling them who you are and why you would like their phone number.