Party Games for Girls Aged 13

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For parents short on time and money it can feel impossible to plan a party that will please a teenage girl. Too old for princess parties and too young to be left alone, adolescent girls have unique tastes and needs when it comes to party games. But with thoughtful preparation and a little creativity, activity planning can be a breeze.

Princess and the Pea

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This game can be played one-on-one or as a team. Mix uncooked rice and different types of dry beans in a bowl. Working blindfolded, have the girls race to sort the most beans before time runs out. The team (or girl) with the most beans correctly sorted wins.

Doughnut-Eating Contest

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Have each girl choose a doughnut. Run a wire/string from one end of the room to the other, you can use temporary adhesive hooks to secure it to the wall. Attach the doughnuts to strings. Hang each doughnut from the main wire so that it is shoulder-height, relative to each girl. Without using their hands, the girls race to eat the doughnuts. The first one to finish the entire doughnut wins. Be wary of crumbs falling, however.

Cup Cake Towers

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Working alone or in pairs, girls race to build the tallest towers out of cupcakes. Provide each team with cupcakes, frosting and rubber spatulas. Using frosting as glue, the girls race to paint and stack the cupcakes. The team with the tallest tower wins. All of the cupcakes may be eaten after the game. Alternately, you can stack marshmallows, cubes of jello or cookies.

Chubby Bunny

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This is a relaxed game, best played toward the end of your party or when trying to calm guests down. All you need is marshmallows and a bowl for each girl. Have the girls sit in a circle around the bag of marshmallows. The first girl places a marshmallow in her mouth without chewing or swallowing and makes the statement, "Chubby Bunny." Each girl will take a turn, putting a marshmallow in their mouth and saying "chubby bunny." Players are removed from the game if they lose any marshmallows, can't fit anymore, can't say the sentence clearly, or forfeit.

Makeover Madness

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This activity requires multiple party assistants. Have each girl write the name of an animal on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl. Let all of the guests pick one slip from the bowl, making sure they did not end up with their own. Without looking at the slip, each girl visits a party assistant for one part of their makeover (hair, face paint and costume). The party assistant will give a quick and silly makeover to try and make the girl look like their animal (pony tails for rabbit ears, spiky hair for a porcupine, etc.). When all girls are done, try to have them guess what animals they are.

Sock Steal

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To play this game you will need an open space and a pair of socks for each player. Have each girl put on a pair of socks so that they hang off of their feet. Crawling on hands and knees, everyone try to steal the socks from other players' feet without losing your own. You are out if you lose both of your socks. The last player left with socks is the winner. No kicking!


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Girls work alone or in groups to come up with an impersonation of a pop singer. Using old clothes, props and music, the girls each put on a performance without saying who they are. The audience tries to guess which group is which. You can also purchase karaoke games for most home gaming systems. These are great for parties or sleepovers.