Part-Time Jobs for Kids 14 & Under

Kids under the age of 14 are restricted by federal and state child labor laws regarding the number of hours and types of work they can perform. Federal law requires that 14 year-olds, for example, work no more than three hours a day between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. outside school hours and up to 40 hours a week in the summer.

Newspaper Delivery

Kids 14 and under can delivery newspapers. This is typically an early-morning job and requires transportation to get newspapers delivered on the route on time. Depending on the route, newspapers can be delivered by bicycle or by car, if a licensed driver is available.

Babysitting, Performing Arts and Farms

Babysitting and working as an actor or other performer are other part-time options for kids under 14. Child performers can work in television, radio, theater or movies. Kids under 14 may also perform non-hazardous work on a farm. Talk to neighbors about other suitable jobs, such as mowing lawns, helping people clean out their garages or basements or carrying out other household chores.

Parent-Owned Businesses

Children under 14 can work at a business owned by their parents. However, they cannot work in businesses that do manufacturing, mining or other work considered hazardous by the federal government.

Once You Turn 14

When a child turns 14, she can work in retail and grocery stores, offices, gas stations, movie theaters, baseball parks, amusement parks or restaurants. A work permit may be required to work in these places.

State Laws

Check with your state’s Department of Labor for information regarding labor laws for minors, which may be more restrictive than federal laws.