Olive Oil Face Treatment

by Tracy E Dickinson ; Updated October 06, 2017

Olive oil is as beneficial to the skin as it is to the diet.

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Olive oil is renowned for its antioxidant benefits in the diet, but it also benefits the skin when used in skin care products. Home treatments can be just as effective as commercial products and are easy to make.


Ingredients in olive oil provide benefits to the skin such as moisture retention, softening and anti-aging effects. Because of its purity, extra virgin olive oil offers all of these benefits without the chemicals and additives in many over-the-counter facial products.

As a moisturizer

Olive oil can be applied directly to very dry skin, or it can be added to other natural ingredients as a moisturizing treatment. Combine olive oil, vinegar and water in equal portions and blend well. Smooth over your face at night as a deep moisturizing cream.

As a skin softener

Olive oil can be applied to hands or feet directly then covered with gloves or socks overnight to soften dry, calloused areas. Combine equal amounts of oil and white sugar to make a scrub for tough, dry skin. Rub into affected area until sugar starts to dissolve, then rinse with warm water.

As an anti-aging treatment

Make an olive oil mask to soothe and tighten skin. Combine a mashed avocado with about two tablespoons of olive oil (or as much as needed) to form a smooth paste. Spread evenly over face and neck with your fingertips. Leave on 15-20 minutes, until well dried, then rinse with warm water.


Olive oil can be used on acne-prone skin, but it should be diluted with other ingredients to prevent aggravating oily areas. Always use extra virgin or organic olive oil to avoid additives and potential impurities.

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