No-Sew Wizard of Oz Costume Ideas for Kids

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"The Wizard of Oz" is one of the most loved movies of all time. For Halloween getting a group of kids together and going as the Wizard of Oz troupe is not as hard as you may think with homemade costumes. You will probably have to do some thrift store shopping and hunting around to come up with no-sew costumes for the main characters from the Wizard of Oz.


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Dorothy is relatively easy to come up with; your main goal is finding an old-fashioned blue and white gingham jumper or a blue and white plaid bib apron. Don't get hung up on finding an exact replica. Do some thrift store shopping and you should come up with something very close. The little details will help you achieve a good Dorothy look; a little white blouse under the jumper, a petticoat, hair in pig tails, lace-trimmed anklets and ruby slippers. For the slippers you can get ballet flats and spray paint them red and add lots of glitter. Don't forget Toto, too; a wicker basket with a gray stuffed dog.


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Start with an old pair of dark baggy pants and an oversized, long dark shirt. Use some twine to loosely tie around the waist, bottom of the pants and around the wrists. Glue or staple raffia, straw or yellow yarn at the bottom of the pants, ends of sleeves or wherever you want to get a "stuffed" look. A hole cut in a burlap sack to go around the head under a floppy hat adds a realistic touch, especially if you are doing some scarecrow makeup on the face.

Cowardly Lion

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Start out with a brown sweat suit with a hood to make the mane. Go to your favorite fabric store to look for pieces of brown fur, brown felt, or some types of looped or brushed trim that is used for edging drapes and curtains. You will need to glue whatever kind of "fur" you decide around the hood of the jacket. Layer the fur if needed to create a full mane. Add some fur to the belly and wherever you think it is necessary. Add some brown or furry slippers, tan face makeup, and don't forget to draw on whiskers and add a furry little tail.

Tin Man

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Start with a gray sweat suit or spray paint clothing with silver chrome spray. Slip dryer vent hosing around the arms and legs; it is very flexible and gives a nice added touch. For the body of the costume you can use silver painted poster board or cardboard as long as it is flexible enough to make a cylinder shape around the body. Cut holes for the arms and glue or use large paperclips to close. Glue on cut-off screw heads for an authentic look. Don't forget a funnel for the head, spray- painted shoes and gloves and an ax.

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