Ninetieth Birthday Ideas

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Turning 90 years old is a major milestone in a person's life. The occasion can be happy and celebratory, or it can be marked by sadness for those whom the person has outlived. Bringing joy to a 90-year-old on her birthday is a privilege and honor, and the main goal will be to ensure that she has a party and birthday she will remember for years to come. Determine the best type of celebration based on the person’s personality, life choices, and likes and dislikes.

Themed Parties

Consider a themed party that may be appropriate to the person you are celebrating. Nostalgia is a common theme, as many people like parties that take them back to their more youthful days and help them to remember times gone by. Depending on the decade that your birthday honoree was born, you may wish to target his party toward a theme of fashion of the time. For example, if he was born in the 1920s, you might choose a gangster theme or a speakeasy theme based on the prohibition period.

Teenage Themes

Think about the time your birthday guest was a teenager. Those born in the late 1920s turned 13 during the 1940s, so you could include an old-fashioned dance floor with Glenn Miller playing in the background, for a pleasant trip down memory lane. However, keep in mind that the 1940s also included the Second World War. This could be a touchy subject, so do some homework first to make sure you are not going to reopen any old wounds. The party is supposed to be a celebration of the honoree's birthday; you will not want to turn it into a painful experience. Keep the focus on the music, fashions and pop culture of the time period.

This is Your Life

Choose a host for your birthday show and have a large red album featuring the life story of your birthday guest. Chart their history and the salient points of their life from their early years until the present. Note epic points in their life and who they met. Have relatives and friends standing by to make "Guest Surprise Appearances”—have them come from the wings on announcement. Sit your birthday guest in the throne of honor and deliver a snappy biography to them, reminding them how happy their life has been thus far. Hand them the book at the end as a keepsake.

Music Parties

Find out what the guest of honor's favorite type of music is, and locate a band that can play his favorite tunes, whether he prefers jazz, blues, classical or rock 'n' roll. Have plenty finger foods and a cake. Hang decorations in his favorite colors and have the guests make short congratulatory speeches into a video camera for the 90-year-old to watch after the party.