New Baby Shower Game Ideas

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When planning an event as joyous as a new baby's arrival, you can be as creative or as traditional as you would like. With several traditional baby games already on the books, you need to plan new baby shower games that have your guests on their feet and involved in the celebration. Award small inexpensive prizes to all game winners to keep the guests waiting to see what is next.

Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt assumes the host has a kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and other rooms where you can hide the prizes. After secreting prizes around the house, write out clues as to where you hid the prizes. For example, say “Despite the many changes of clothes a baby goes through, after going here they will look brand new,” for a prize hidden in the laundry room. When hiding a gift in bathroom, say “When just a newborn she cannot go here yet, but the baby will have fun in here when she can get wet.” Write these clues on a sheet of paper before the party and, when you are ready for party guests to find the prizes, start reading off the clues.

Create the Baby

Have the guests gather into teams of three or four and give each team four baby magazines. Draw an outline of a baby on a piece of paper and give one image to each team. On “go,” the teams create a picture of what they think the baby is going to look like. The teams can cut pictures of eyes, faces, clothes and features that they think the baby will have. The teams will glue the clippings to the drawing of the baby. Let the mother-to-be select the winner.

Baby Songs

Split the guests up into teams of three or four, and give each team a sheet of paper and a pen. When the host yells “Go,” each team has to write down as many songs as they can think of that have the word baby in the song title. The team who writes down the most songs wins the game.

To make the game interesting, the team who writes down the least amount of songs has to pick one of their songs and sing it aloud.

Potato Drop Game

You will use one large potato and several glass jars for this game. Put a medium-size bucket into the middle of the room and have each guest place the potato between her legs. She must walk up to the bucket and drop the potato in the bucket. After every guest has done this, get a glass jar (that the potato fits in) and place it in the middle of the room. Each guest takes turns trying to drop the potato in the jar. If a guest misses, she is out of the game. Replace the jar with a smaller jar each round to make the game harder. Keep playing until only one guest gets the potato in the jar.