How to Get Your Mind Off Your Boyfriend

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Getting your mind off of your boyfriend may be something you need to do if he is doing something that keeps him from seeing you for a while. It may be for a long time -- he is in the military and is deployed for several months in a row -- or for a short time. Whatever the case, being away from your boyfriend for a while is going to happen in every relationship, and it does not have to be too difficult to handle. There are a few things you can do to get your mind off of your boyfriend while focusing on new, exciting things in your own life.

Get to know a friend better. It may be someone who you have never really considered taking a lot of time to hang out with, or someone who you are already fairly close to but don't see very often because you are usually with your boyfriend. It could even be someone you do not know at all but you have seen around. Invite someone over and bake cookies, watch a funny movie or share stories.

Start your own project. There are several different kinds of projects you could start just for fun. You may look into anything from volunteering at a local shelter to exploring the food in your kitchen and concocting something delicious. Whatever you choose, it will be all-consuming, getting your mind off of your boyfriend for the time being.

Get a makeover. This is an especially great way to get your mind off of your boyfriend because you are making a change to your personal appearance. Putting effort into changing your hairstyle, getting new makeup, or shopping for stylish clothing will allow you to anticipate how cute he is going to think you are when you show him your new look. Furthermore, it will give you the boost of self-confidence.

Do something nice for someone else. A random act of kindness will intrinsically satisfy you and give you the "warm fuzzy feeling" you get when sacrificing for the good of another. It may be someone in your family that you do something nice for, or someone you do not even know. Some ideas of things you could do are offer to clean a part of the house, babysit for someone in need, pay for someone's drive-thru meal, or volunteer at an old person's home.

Read an engaging book. There is nothing to get your mind off of reality like reading a book that draws you in. Choose a book you know you won't be able to put down once you start it -- something recommended by a close friend, for example. Once you have chosen a book, start reading. You may not leave the comfort of your cozy bed for hours.