How to End a Relationship With a Scorpio

Breaking up with a Scorpio can be a challenging situation. You might need a psychic, a lawyer and a rottweiler at your side. Scorpios sometimes seek revenge on people who have scorned them. They will not accept that they are wrong in any way and will shout to the high heavens that you are at fault for everything wrong in the relationship. Learn how to break up with a Scorpio.

Protect your financial situation. Scorpios are known for destroying your life if you try to split from them. They might even take the day off work to clear out your house and split things. Make sure you have something in print with a lawyer if you are going to break up.

Start acting mysterious. Scorpios tend to want to know where, what, and why you did this or that. They like to control the relationship. If you start acting vague and hide things, they might leave and find someone they can control.

Make your sex life routine and boring. Act bored and unsatisfied with whatever they try. Scorpios need to feel like they are great at performing so if you act bored, they will leave.

Become distant. Scorpios love attention and the more you are away, the more they might stray. Become a workaholic for awhile and see how fast they move on.

Leave. Get up and go. Staying around to fight after the breakup might be dangerous. It is best to just disappear and maybe even go to another city or country.