How to Stop Fighting With Your Boyfriend Every Day

Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

You and your boyfriend love each other, but you get annoyed when he constantly forgets to do household chores or ignores what you're telling him. Likewise, he gets upset that you always seem to be nagging him. This resentment and hostility can lead to daily arguments about even the smallest things. Such arguments are poisonous to a relationship. They slowly add up, and soon, it becomes more common to argue than to be at peace with one another. Fortunately, you can stop this arguing before it destroys your relationship.

Listen to each other. Many fights happen because both people are simply trying to talk over one another in an attempt to get their points across. It is much more diplomatic to agree to take turns listening to each other's grievances.

Focus on finding a solution to your disagreements rather than trying to be the winner of a fight. If something truly bothers you, ask your boyfriend to work with you to find a solution. The two of you are a couple, which means that you must learn to work together.

Pick your battles. Not everything needs to be turned into a fight. For example, if your boyfriend forgot to wash the dishes again, you have to decide whether it is worth it to nag him about it, or just leave the dishes until he realizes on his own that they need washing. Your boyfriend needs to employ this strategy with you, too.

Refuse to fight if your boyfriend seems to want to start an argument. Some people are addicted to anger and arguing. He may yell in an attempt to fan the fires of anger in you. If you respond calmly, there won't be a way for an argument to start.

Go on a vacation, or do something special together. Being in a relationship, after a while, can start to feel like work. Take a break from reality, and spend some fun time together. This can help you reconnect with each other, and you may realize that you love one another too much to keep on fighting.