How to Make Your Husband Miss You

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Married couples usually share the same living space, but sometimes, arguing and conflict can drive a wedge between a husband and wife. A couple may even separate temporarily while they attempt to work out their differences. If you or your husband have moved out of your home, you are probably feeling lonely and unsure about your future together. Pleading and begging for him to reconsider the separation and come home is unlikely to work. There are several actions you can take that will make your husband start to miss you and consider returning home.

Allow your husband to have his space. Do not call or try to contact him every day. If you do, he may start to feel smothered. If, however, he does not hear from you in a few days, he may wonder what you are doing and start to miss you.

Focus on the good times you had with your husband. Talk with your husband about a pleasant memory the two of you share, such as a romantic vacation or the day you got married. This can make your husband reflect on happier times, and he may realize how much he really loves and misses you.

Talk with your husband calmly and rationally about your marital problems. Tell him that, when he is ready, you would like him to return home so the two of you can work on your problems together. Do not beg him to come home. Men usually see begging as desperation and he will probably not respond.

Fix the problems that caused your husband to leave. If, for instance, you have a temper and yell at your husband frequently, you may benefit from an anger management class. If your husband sees that you have changed, he may feel that the marriage can be saved.

Go to marriage counseling. A neutral third party can help you work on your problems and grow close together again.