Makeup Tips for the Mother of the Groom at Age 48

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As the mother of the groom, it's only natural to want to make your son proud by looking your best on his big day. Luckily, there are some easy ways to help you shake up your old make-up routine and look great at 48. Simple tips include sticking to glossy lipsticks, matte eye shadows and liquid foundations for your wedding day look.

Skin Care and Foundation

Skin is the foundation of beauty, so take good care of yours. Begin a basic skin treatment plan in the month or months before the wedding. Depending on how extensive of a skin-care regimen you desire, this can range from simply applying moisturizer nightly to scheduling weekly facials. When you begin your make-up, avoid heady powder foundations. Heavy powders will cling to any facial lines, making them more prominent. Instead, use a liquid or mineral powder foundation. If your son is having an outdoor wedding, consider a foundation mixed with sunblock.


Your eyes are one of your most prominent features, so make the most of them with flattering eye make-up. High on the list of things to avoid are shimmery eye shadows, which cake in facial lines and appear inappropriately informal at weddings. Using matte eye shadows in neutral colors ensures a flattering look that will still be fashionable years down the road. A gel eye liner will add depth to your eyes and, when applied to the base of your top eyelashes, will make your eyelashes appear fuller. Finish your look with a black or dark-navy mascara to draw out the whites of your eyes. Be sure your mascara is waterproof in case you tear up when your son says his vows.


Matte lipsticks can be aging, so glossy or creamy lipsticks are preferred. Dark shades can also be harsh and make lips look tighter, so if you want to make your lips appear fuller, use light colors. Lip shades with slightly cool undertones can also help make your teeth appear whiter in photographs. Apply your lip liner along the edge of your lips, rather than inside, in order to create a fuller effect.


For a flattering look that will appear great in photographs, try a rose or apricot blush. If the rest of your make-up is in cool or warm colors, make sure your blush is also a cool or warm shade. Mixing and matching cools and warms causes make-up to appear conflicting and inelegant.