How to Make a Tribute Music Video in Windows Movie Maker

A music video tribute can be in honor of someone who has passed on or a celebration of an accomplishment. They are frequently seen on YouTube. Most of them are created through the Windows Movie Maker available on the vast majority of computer systems.

Step 1

Collect all of the videos or still images in the same place in your computer files. "My Pictures" or "Videos" is the most likely place.

Step 2

Click the "Start" button in Windows. Click "All programs" and search until you find Windows Movie Maker.

Step 3

The right side of the Windows Movie Maker has three categories. Under "Import," click on the appropriate link to the media you prepared in advance. Import each video individually, and Windows Movie Maker will add it to the "Storyboard" on the bottom of the program box.

Step 4

Check the storyboard for the proper sequence of video clips. Drag the clips around until they are in the order you want.

Step 5

Click the "Help" button in Windows Movie Maker for additional tips, like how to make transitions and add effects to the images.

Step 6

Publish the completed work to your computer before you send it to email or social media.