How to Make Friends Over 60

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One challenge that older people sometimes face is enlarging their social circle. Senior citizens often see their group of friends diminish over time as death and illness takes friends and family away and as a result, life can become very lonely. Maintaining an active social life can significantly contribute to a senior citizen's overall state of health. Making new friends once you're over the age of 60 requires diligence and a willingness to try new activities.

Ask your current friends and family if they know anyone else over 60 with whom you might get along. Meeting new people through friends can put you at ease early on and give you some common topics to discuss.

Visit senior centers, veteran's organizations and other places where seniors often congregate. The more people with whom you surround yourself, the more likely you'll meet people that you feel a friendly connection.

Try new activities. Whether it be a nature walk, a bingo game or a book club, new experiences can help you find new hobbies and new friends to share those hobbies.

Get a part-time job. This gives you the chance to make new friends through work.

Join a charity organization. This type of work allows you to meet people who share similar passions to you and you can make new friends while also contributing to a good cause.

Join an online community. There are Web sites specifically for people over 50 or 60 to assist them in making new friends and giving them a means to communicate. Take advantage of these sites to see if you meet someone with whom you have a connection.