How to Make Friends After a Divorce

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Who gets the friends? This may be one of the most important questions asked when a couple is in the process of getting divorced. Often, friends are mutual friends of you and your spouse. Their loyalties are split, and sometimes these friendships change. It's important to maintain an active social life after divorce, but sometimes it's hard to make friends.

Circulate. One of the easiest ways to make friends is to be social. Go to parties, neighborhood get together and out with friends at work. Don't be afraid to be a "single" when you're out and about.

Reconnect with old friends. Often, when married, old friendships sometimes go by the wayside for various reasons. Contact old friends and catch up. These people were important in your life at one point, they still have things to offer you.

Join a support group. Often, new friendships are forged out of empathy and understanding. A divorce support group includes a lot of members who are looking to make new friends. This is a perfect pool of people to consider when looking for new friends.

Lean on family. Your family should help keep you strong during and after your divorce. While they're there for emotional support, they can also offer social contacts, too. Meet their friends. Go to social functions with them.

Join an online community or friends network. There are lots of websites out there that offer online communities to talk about issues of concern when you're dealing with a divorce. Online friends can provide a great amount of necessary support during a difficult time. Additionally, you can set up a profile on various websites and make friends that way.

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