How to Look Up Phone Records

by Palmer Owyoung

Have you ever wanted to know to whom your teens are talking? Do you suspect that your spouse or boy/girlfriend is cheating on you? Do you believe your employees are stealing from you and want to know to whom they are talking? Has someone been calling you and hanging up, and you wish to find out who it is? Have you ever had the need to look up phone records for any reason? Well, now there are a few different ways to do it.

Use a Service

Use a reverse phone look-up service (see Resources below) to find the phone owner's records. If you have the phone number, you can use this service. It will give you some free information such as the city in which the owner lives. If you need more detailed records such as the user's name, address and carrier, you can pay a small fee.

Understand the law. The only way to get the actual phone records from someone's phone concerning who they have been calling is through the phone company. It is illegal for the company to release these without a court order. There are some private detectives that will charge a fee to obtain these records for you, but no matter what they say, they are engaging in illegal practices by using contacts within the phone company or pretending to be the owner of the account. Do not go this route as it is illegal, and you can be prosecuted as well.

Use Mobile Spy. This software allows you to easily monitor compatible phones. Once it is installed, it logs activities such as SMS messages and call information along with recording GPS locations every 30 minutes if a signal is available. All activities are secretly uploaded to a password-protected account that is viewable through any web browser. This software works on any smart phone, including the iPhone.

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