List of Party Necessities

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Whether it's for a birthday, a seasonal holiday, a bridal shower, or a religious celebration, parties are opportunities for family, friends, and loved ones to come together and celebrate. But planning the perfect party can be challenging. Party supplies are a necessity for any party, and without them, keeping a fun, celebratory atmosphere is much more difficult.


In general people seem to be happier when presented with good food. There are many food options for a party; the most important thing to remember is that there needs to be something for guests to snack on. Homemade appetizers and snacks are great, and for those who may be busy with other party planning details, catering is also an option. And of course, most parties require a cake. Instead of a traditional cake, there may be ice-cream cakes, cookie cakes, cupcakes, or even pie.


Festivities tend to look livelier with the necessary decorations in place. From streamers to balloons and from lighting to confetti, party decorations turn an ordinary home or venue into a place of celebration. Banners can also add to the celebratory decor, making the room look livelier and much more exciting. For surprise parties, it may be a bit difficult to put up decorations beforehand. If it can't be done, it may be a good idea to have a decorating team set things up shortly after the guest of honor arrives.


Utensils are necessary for most parties to function. Supplies like paper plates, cups, napkins, and trash bags make clean-up much easier and things like tablecloths and disposable serving trays also help to minimize mess and to make the party run more smoothly. Ice and cutlery are also necessities, especially if plenty of food and drinks are being served.

Invitations, Favors, and Activities

An important party item is the invitation. Depending on the number of guests and the sort of party or celebration, invitations should be sent out a number of days or weeks ahead of time. Party favors also help guests to feel welcome and appreciated, and are great for securing return guests for other events. Finally it is important that there be some kind of activity to keep guests entertained, whether it be dancing, music, movies, or games.