Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

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Many couples choose to create a wedding registry to make it less difficult for wedding guests to select the right wedding gift. Unexpected circumstances, however, may require you to select a last-minute gift without any help from the bride or groom. Even with little notice, you can use what you know about the couple to select a wedding gift they will both appreciate.

Household Gifts

Household items are commonly given as wedding gifts because they are practical for a couple building a new life together. You can also purchase them from a variety of stores on short notice. One idea is to give linens as a gift. Washcloths and towels for the bathroom or dishcloths and a pot-holder set for the kitchen are some options. Bedding or a comforter set are also appropriate if you know the size of the couple's bed. Another idea would be to give the couple a cutlery set, martini glasses or serveware set. You may want to avoid buying common small appliances as they may have already been purchased off of the couple's registry.

Personalized Gifts

Though it is often necessary to order personalized gifts ahead of time, there are items you can prepare on short notice. One idea is to give the couple a scrapbook or memory book. Decorate the book with a wedding theme and include the date their wedding will take place. Alternatively, if you know where the couple plans to honeymoon, give them a travel journal. The travel journal can contain a guidebook of the place they are visiting as well as room in which to record memories of the things they did and saw.

Experiential Gifts

An experiential gift may be a great idea for an active couple who likes going out together and doing things. If the couple enjoys art, they may appreciate a museum membership that allows them to visit their local museum whenever they want. Most memberships can be purchased at the museum or online for your convenience. Another idea is to give the couple gift certificates to their favorite restaurant and movie passes to see any movie of their choice.

Edible Gifts

A variety of edible gifts can be purchased at the last minute. A fruit and food basket is one option you may consider. It may be a good idea to only choose baskets that do not require refrigeration, such as a basket of coffees and teas, cookies and candy, or crackers and jelly, as the gift will be kept at the reception for several hours. Another option is to buy the couple a bottle of wine that they can save for their honeymoon. You can tie a ribbon around the wine bottle or put it in a stylish bag for a more decorative look.

Monetary Gifts

Although wedding etiquette may deem it inappropriate for a bride and groom to ask for a monetary wedding gift, it is a convenient last-minute gift that most couples are likely to welcome and appreciate. Put the amount of money you are comfortable giving the couple inside a card. Giving cash is typically best, but a close family member may not mind receiving a check. If you know where the couple loves to shop, you can also give money in the form of a gift card to their favorite store.