What Do the Five Almonds Mean at a Wedding?

Jordan Almonds

Jill Battaglia/Hemera/Getty Images

Jordan Almonds are a tradition at many weddings, particularly in Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern cultures. They are sugared or candy-coated. Five of these almonds, wrapped in white tulle and tied with a ribbon, are often given to the guests as wedding favors. They serve as a reminder that life is both bitter and sweet -- and also represent five wishes for the new husband and wife.


The bittersweet taste of fresh almonds symbolizes life. The sweet candy coating represents hope that the newlyweds will enjoy more sweetness than bitterness. The five wishes for the bride and groom that the almonds represent are happiness, health, wealth, children and longevity.


The number five is indivisible. It’s used to symbolize the strength of the new union and to show that the couple will share everything and not be divided.


White Jordan Almonds are often used for weddings, but a couple can use colored almonds as well. These almonds are also used at other celebrations, with sky blue and pink used for christenings, red for graduations and green for engagements. They are sometimes called “confetti."