Kinds of Potato Cutters

Hash browns, french fries, baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, potato chips or just plain old mashed, potatoes are as popular today as they were centuries ago. Today we cut them, dice them, slice them, deep fry them and then eat them with cheese, gravy and ketchup. The potato is one of the most consumed foods in the world. But potatoes don't grow out of the ground just the way we like them. They have to be cut in certain fashions to give us what we want.

Potato Slicer

A potato slicer gives you thick circular slices that are perfect for scalloped potatoes. These slicers come in manual or electric models. The hand slicer, which average $10 and up and can be purchased at most major department stores, sits on the counter top. The potato is placed inside and the top, which has sharp blades or wire, closes and slices the potato. The electric tabletop machine, which will cost anywhere from $65 to $380, is used mainly for commercial purposes. It has a fast rotating blade that slices the potato as it is being pushed through. Potato slicers can be ordered online from manufacturers such as Nemco and Chefs.

Potato Peeler

The most common potato peeler is the hand peeler, which has a handle and two sharp blades that cut the skin off the potato. These hand peelers cost only a few dollars and can be purchased at any major department store. Electric commercial peelers can peel a potato in five to eight seconds. These will run $50 and up and can be ordered online from Chefs, Nemco or Sears.

Potato Chip Cutter

Potato chip cutters are purchased mostly by businesses that make large quantities of potato chips. These are either counter top or freestanding electric machines. The potato is placed into a large hole in the side of the machine and is shoved through and thinly sliced, shooting the slices back out the opposite side of the machine. Potato slicers and potato chip cutters are different, since the slicer cuts them thick and the potato chip slicer cuts them paper thin. For people who want to make their own potato chips at home, the slicer will work, but it will be difficult to fry them as crispy as a regular potato chip. They can also be sliced thin by hand; be extra careful not to cut yourself. Potato chip cutters can be purchased at any kitchen specialty store or online starting at $65.

French Fry Cutter

The french fry cutter is used to cut the potato in thick or thin strips to bake or fry. The manual french fry cutter has a large handle to cut the potato into strips. Electric machines cut the potato in strips to make french fries in large quantities. Depending on which one you need, the prices will range from $59.99 on into the hundreds. Chefs, Nemco and Bunn-o-matic from Bunn are just a few of the manufacturers that offer online purchasing.

Potato Shredder

The most common shredder is your average food processor. There is also the bladed hand plate that is held while the potato is shredded by hand. This is can be time- consuming. Commercial machines shred the potato automatically. Food processors can be purchased at most major department stores such as Walmart and Target and start at around $30. GE, Oster and Bosch all make food processors. Commercial food processors/shredders can be bought at kitchen specialty stores or ordered online; prices range well into the hundreds for these types.

All-In-One Cutter

For the average potato lover who cooks at home and does not need fancy machines, there is an all-in-one model that cuts, chops and slices the potato. This comes with different blades that can be changed depending on how the potato needs to be cut (chopped or sliced). These can be purchased at stores such as Walmart, Target or any kitchen specialty store and will cost around $15 to $30.